Full Arm 05W wersja do powieszenia na ścianę
  • Full Arm 05W wersja do powieszenia na ścianę

Full Arm 05W wall version

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A model for small competitions that manage also the score and time.

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F.I.E. Approved.

Manual or automatic rearmament.
Selection of two programmes for the sabre (with or without whip-over).
Selection of a programme useful for epée teaching, which signals the hits in rapid succession.
A special control prevents the annoying continuous noise that occurs in sabre and foil when the fencers are not connected.

The FULL-ARM-05 programme can be easily updated by replacing a single electronic component.

height of the digits 7cm, legible up to a distance of 25-30m. Count up to 99. Increase, decrease, and zero out.

height of the digits 5.2cm, legible up to a distance of 15-20m away. Start/Stop, 1 minute pause, Load start time.
The colour of the two lighted dots between the minutes and seconds clearly and immediately indicates
the chronometer status. GREEN = counting; RED = stopped.

Counting the MATCHES.
Signaling for fencer PRIORITY, with manual and random selection. 
Signaling for PENALTY CARDS. The red card automatically increases the opponent’s point score.

Membrane keyboard: sturdy and reliable (5 million contacts per key).
Sound volume adjustable to three levels. 
The various events are indicated by different sound signals: hit, end of time, abnormalities. 

ALL the visual displays on the FULL-ARM-05, including the lights signalling hits (one red, one green, and two white lights) consist of high-efficiency LED’s (average life: 100,000 hours). Therefore, the problems associated with short life and replacement of normal filament lamps are eliminated.

Power supply: 12Vac or 12Vdc. Can be supplied also by battery. Both: power supply and battery are not included.

Dimensions: width 56cm, height 23.5cm, depth 8.5cm.
Two year warranty.
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