Bile pool Cyclop ZEUS Tournament TV 57.2 mm
  • Bile pool Cyclop ZEUS Tournament TV 57.2 mm

Pool balls CYCLOP Tournament TV Set 57,2 mm

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Pool balls CYCLOP Zeus Tournament TV 57,2 mm

In greek mythology, the Cyclopes were a race of strong giants who were master builders and craftsmen and persistently pursued perfection.
Like these mythological icons, producer of Cyclop Pool Balls have dedicated themselves over the past decade to pursuit of the perfect material for billiard balls, resulting in a revolutionary resin material.

They become the second company in the world, who can creative technology to control color of liquid phenolic resin.

This unique phenolic resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material – ideal for billiard balls. But material color control is very difficult and vulnerable to external enviromental impacts arising from changes.
We have succeeded in breaking the bottleneck. New color is much more softer & smoother. It shows high level of color technology.


To provide the perfect color, each ball must go through a 16-step process and takes 23 days to complete. Employees must pass rigorous training before join production line. Clean room production workshop and precise temperature and humidity control, effectively reduce the external conditions which will effect color changes.

All equipment designed in house to join our unique and complex manufacturing process. And import from Germany & Japan.
Artifical intelligence robot plus fully automated productions line, dramatically increase capacity and product yield. While reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness of global markets.

Speciality About Cyclop Pools Balls

- Based on legendary HYATT technology,
- Higher percentage of pure liquid phenolic resin,

- Cyclop's high-tech finish makes the surface smoother and stronger,
- The smoother surface makes cleaning easier and decreases chalk residue on the balls,
- Higher phenolic percentage increases the sensitivity and reaction time of the balls,
- Cyclop's polishing system increases the longevity of the ball shine,
- Rigorous Quality Control System in place to achieve the highest quality possible,

- Tight Tolerance Of Weight Control System – Tolerance between balls are around 2g,
- New Color ways designed to "pop" on high-def TV,

CYCLOP Zeus Tournament TV Set 57,2 mm

Weight about 2.73kg

CYCLOP Tournament TV Set is favored by many main pool ball associations in Europe, Asia and America, and also has been asigned as only official ball for CPBA in China, CSI in America, JPBA and JAPA in Japan, the APBU (Asian Pocket Billiards Union), the official balls for WPA International competition, and the official balls for World Games 2017 in Wroclaw !

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Bile kupiłem już rok temu i sprawują się bardzo dobrze, wyglądają oraz grają świetnie, brak zarysowań czy pęknięć. Ogolnie polecam:)

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