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Europool Tip Natural 10mm ,medium

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The Europool® tips are manufactured to highest quality standards.
With a precise selection of pig skin and materials used for production the Europool® cue tips allow you to gain consistent cue ball control without the dreaded miscue.

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Europool brand - the guarantee of the highest quality tips. Thanks to high quality materials used in production, Euro-Tech presents you the tip which allows without any problems the get the precise rotation and the control on the hit. Additional characteristics of the tip is its durability, resilience and high releasing energy factor. Thanks to the newest technology, as one of the fewest companies on the market, we can indicate the precise hardness of the Europool tip (using Shorea scale) – this way each player knows what kind of tip to use.

The hardness of Europool tips in Shorea scale (type D)

  • hard 83

  • medium 78

  • soft 69

  • super soft 65

The Europool tips qualities

  • 10layer, precise selected pigskin leather

  • easy rotation and full control

  • the chalk perfectly sticks to it

  • damp resistant

  • higher skin resilience

  • high factor of energy release during the hit

  • precise tip hardness according Shorea scale

  • each tip is packed separately

  • produced in Europe with the highest standards and quality


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